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Congressman Veronica Escobar from Texas

Profile for Congressman Veronica Escobar from Texas

Congressman Veronica  Escobar
District: 16

Next Election: 2020

Missed 0 Votes

Absent for 0% of Votes

Votes with Party 95%

Seniority: 2

Latest Votes:

Feb 13 2020

Voted Yes On Passage on HJRES79

Removing the deadline for the ratification of the equal rights amendment.

Feb 13 2020

Voted Yes On Passage on HR2546

Protecting America’s Wilderness Act

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Campaign Finance Summary:

Contributions: $1,445,479
Individual $937,653
PAC & SuperPac $421,840
Disbursements: $1,208,480
Individual Refunds $17,615
Committee Refunds $0
Debts owed $0
Cash on Hand $237,000

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Bills Sponsored:

Jan 16 2020


House Judiciary Committee

1 cosponsors

To authorize the imposition of sanctions with respect to significant actions that exacerbate climate change, to reinforce comprehensive efforts to limit global average temperature rise, and for other purposes.

Referred to the Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship. - Feb 7 2020

May 10 2019


House Judiciary Committee

20 cosponsors

To prohibit funds from being used to implement the Migrant Protection Protocols announced by the Secretary of Homeland Security on December 20, 2018.

Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary. - May 10 2019

Apr 10 2019


House Homeland Security Committee

4 cosponsors

To increase transparency, accountability, and community engagement within the Department of Homeland Security, provide independent oversight of border security activities, improve training for agents and officers of U.S. Customs and Border Protection and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and for other purposes.

Rules Committee Resolution H. Res. 577 Reported to House. Rule provides for consideration of H.R. 2203, H.R. 3525 and H. Res. 576. Rule provides for consideration of H.R. 2203, H.R. 3525, and H.Res. 576 under closed rules. Rule also provides that it shall be in order at any time on the legislative day of September 26, 2019, for the Speaker to entertain motions that the House suspend the rules; and provides for proceedings during the period from September 30, 2019, through October 14, 2019 - Sep 26 2019