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IonCongress : Simple and Transparent

ionCongress.com is an independent site aimed at providing the public with easily accessible and current congressional data on US representatives and their campaign finances, the most recent bills introduced into congress and the latest votes.

You will find current congressional data on United States senators and house of representatives members under "Congressmen", the latest votes in congress under "Votes" and data on the most recent bills introduced into the United States congress under "Bills".

"Executive Orders" includes the most current executive orders signed by the President of the United States, taken from the Federal Register as well as links to all current rules and notices from the Federal Register.

The "Home" page includes the most recent announcements by Senators and representatives, the most recent bill introduced in the House and the Senate, as well as the most recent vote in the House and the Senate.

Data is updated at least 6 times per day.

I formed ionCongress.com after the 2016 presidential election as a response to the lack of facts. I started compiling data from public domain sources with the goal of making a simple tool I could use to stay informed on current actions in the United States Congress. The site is an ongoing project, please send any comments to info {at} ionCongress {dot} com.

The time spent working on the site is donated. If you like the site, please consider donating information or money to help fund its construction. I very much appreciate your time and donations.

We aim to provide 100% accurate data. If you find any errors, please do not hesitate to contact us. We aim to provide a public service. In the effort to propagate true and accurate information we have no bias and will work swiftly to correct any errors. Please share ionCongress.com with your friends. We need as much feedback as possible, so please send us a line.

Sources : { Senate.gov, House.gov, FederalRegister.gov, gpo.gov, Congress.gov, ProPublica.org }