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How to use ionCongress.com

ionCongess.com includes tens of thousands of pages that update hourly, daily and monthly with fresh data. The main navigation bar is where to start. Each section is then easily navigated simply by scrolling up and down, similar to other live feeds you are familiar with, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Here is a breakdown of the sections in the main navigation bar:


The News section consists of live twitter and RSS feeds from most Senators and Representatives. This section is updated hourly. The news "chunks" are organized by date, with the most recent news at the top of the feed. By default only chunks with RSS feeds are present, but by selecting "show all news" you will also get information from live twitter feeds that do not have a corresponding RSS feed.

Give it a try here: News


The Congressmen (and Women) section is a place to find your representatives. This section is updated hourly. By selecting the state and district you live in, you will get a profile for your US representatives and senators. The profile will include current statistical information, their contact info, facebook page, live twitter feed, latest votes, latest legislation they have sponsored and a current campaign finance summary. Each sub-section has links to a full report, like their full voting record, full campaign finance report as well as links to their relevant FEC and congress.gov data.

Give it a try here: Congressmen


The Candidates section is navigated similar to the Congressman section. This section is updated daily during an election cycle and monthly in between cycles. Each State and district selection takes you to a summary page consisting of the candidates in that states most recent federal election. The initial summary page lists the candidates and their campaign finance summaries. By clicking on "view full campaign finance report" you will be taken to a full current report which includes who donated to the campaign (individuals, PACS, Lobbyists) and where the candidate spent their money. You can also view their relevant FEC.gov data by clicking their user ID under "fec.gov data".

The campaign finance report for a candidate (similar to those of elected officials) will allow you to trace the donors by clicking their user ID and seeing their direct fec.gov data. You can also click each lobbying firm to view a full lobbying report of how much money the lobbying firm spent, where the money went, who the lobbyists are and what they are lobbying for.

We also have current data for 2020 Presidential candidates. This section is updated weekly.

Check out the candidates section here: Candidates

You can access presidential election data here: 2020 Presidential Candidates


The Votes section consists of the most recent votes in the US House and Senate. This section is updated hourly. Each vote chunk includes the bill number, the current motion of the vote, the result of the vote and a vote tally summary. To see the full vote tally of how each member voted, click on "show tally of role call vote...". This link will take you to a roll call tally which you can narrow by party, or position. You can also click on the bill number to see the bill's information in congress.gov, and to read the entire bill.

Check out the Votes section here: Votes


The Bills section includes all the recent bills introduced into the US House and Senate ordered by those that were most recently introduced. This section is updated hourly. Each bill chunk consists of the date the bill was introduced, the bill number, the summary of the bill, the committee that the bill is under, the sponsor of the bill and what state/ district they represent, number of cosponsors and the most recent actions for the bill organized by date. You can click on the bill number to access the bill data under congress.gov as well as read the entire text of the bill. You can also narrow the bills by relevant committees if you select the pulldown menu under the "Narrow by committee" sub-section.

Go look at some bills here: Bills


The Executive section shows all the listings in the current federal register as well as all current executive orders from the office of the President. This section is updated hourly. In more recent history, executive orders have been a very popular way to fast-track laws from the top down. It will give you each executive order by the President of the United States. Click on the "read full document" link to go directly to the federal register data for that executive order, where you can read the full text. If you select "show entire federal register" you will get a list of all the most recent rules on the federal register, where you can again link to the full document.

Get up to date with executive orders and the federal register here: Executive


You can login to ionCongress.com with your google account and create a custom profile. Your custom profile will allow you to follow news, congressmen, candidates, votes and bills that you choose. When you login to create an account for the first time you will be asked to complete a form which includes including your name, email, state, zip code and district. Once the form is completed you will be given a custom profile with relevant up to date data for your state and district.

When you are logged in to the site you will see "follow" and "unfollow" buttons for each data chunk. When you select "follow" that particular chunk will be added to the relevant section of your custom profile. You can choose to "unfollow" also to remove the data chunk.

To get back to your profile page, click on the profile icon in the upper left:

We only have access to the information you give us and we will not share you email address, name, etc with anyone. It is only used to create a direct custom data environment for our users.

Make a custom profile after logging in with a google account here: Login