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Vote Tally for Roll Call Vote 179 on Bill HR5129
House vote tally for roll call vote 179 on bill HR5129
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May 13 2022 - 11:43 am

On Agreeing to the Amendment


Bonamici of Oregon Part F Amendment En Bloc No. 2

Result: Failed

Total votes
Yes: 198 No: 219 Absent: 12
Democrats voted No Republicans voted Yes
Yes: 0 No: 216 Absent: 5
Yes: 198 No: 3 Absent: 7
Total absent for roll call 179 on bill HR5129
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Kelly Armstrong Not Voting Republican - North Dakota
Kevin Brady Not Voting Republican - Texas
Ted Budd Not Voting Republican - North Carolina
Ed Case Not Voting Democrat - Hawaii
Anthony Gonzalez Not Voting Republican - Ohio
Jim McGovern Not Voting Democrat - Massachusetts
David McKinley Not Voting Republican - West Virginia
Tim Ryan Not Voting Democrat - Ohio
Jackie Speier Not Voting Democrat - California
Jason Smith Not Voting Republican - Missouri
Bruce Westerman Not Voting Republican - Arkansas