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Vote Tally for Roll Call Vote 200 on Bill HR3935
House vote tally for roll call vote 200 on bill HR3935
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May 15 2024 - 2:16 pm

On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Concur in the Senate Amendment


Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act

Result: Passed

Total votes
Yes: 387 No: 26 Absent: 17
Democrats voted Yes Republicans voted Yes
Yes: 195 No: 7 Absent: 11
Yes: 192 No: 19 Absent: 6
Total 'No' Votes, roll call 200 on bill HR3935
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Anna Paulina Luna No Republican - Florida
Greg Steube No Republican - Florida
Abigail Spanberger No Democrat - Virginia
Victoria Spartz No Republican - Indiana
Robert Scott No Democrat - Virginia
Matt Rosendale No Republican - Montana
Jimmy Panetta No Democrat - California
Scott Perry No Republican - Pennsylvania
William Ogles No Republican - Tennessee
Ralph Norman No Republican - South Carolina
Jennifer McClellan No Democrat - Virginia
Thomas Massie No Republican - Kentucky
Tom McClintock No Republican - California
Donald Beyer No Democrat - Virginia
Jonathan Jackson No Democrat - Illinois
Clay Higgins No Republican - Louisiana
Marjorie Greene No Republican - Georgia
Robert Good No Republican - Virginia
Matt Gaetz No Republican - Florida
Glenn Grothman No Republican - Wisconsin
Warren Davidson No Republican - Ohio
Eli Crane No Republican - Arizona
Gerald Connolly No Democrat - Virginia
Josh Brecheen No Republican - Oklahoma
Tim Burchett No Republican - Tennessee
Andy Biggs No Republican - Arizona