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Vote Tally for Roll Call Vote 337 on Bill HRES990
House vote tally for roll call vote 337 on bill HRES990
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Jul 18 2018 - 3:29 pm

On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Agree, as Amended


Supporting the officers and personnel who carry out the important mission of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Result: Passed

Total votes
Yes: 244 No: 35 Absent: 16
Democrats voted None Republicans voted Yes
Yes: 18 No: 34 Absent: 8
Yes: 226 No: 1 Absent: 9
Republicans Absent for roll call 337 on bill HRES990
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Rick Allen Not Voting Republican - Georgia
Jeffrey Duncan Not Voting Republican - South Carolina
Matt Gaetz Not Voting Republican - Florida
Martha Roby Not Voting Republican - Alabama