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Vote Tally for Roll Call Vote 396 on Bill HR5305
Senate vote tally for roll call vote 396 on bill HR5305
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Sep 30 2021 - 12:31 pm

On the Amendment


To provide that Members of Congress may not receive pay after October 1 of any fiscal year in which Congress has not approved a concurrent resolution on the budget and passed the regular appropriations bills.

Result: Amendment Rejected

Total votes
Yes: 53 No: 47 Absent: 0
Democrats voted No Republicans voted Yes
Yes: 8 No: 40 Absent: 0
Yes: 45 No: 5 Absent: 0
Independents votes
Yes: 0 No: 2 Absent: 0
Republicans who voted 'No', roll call 396 on bill HR5305
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Lisa Murkowski No Republican - Alaska
Rand Paul No Republican - Kentucky
Richard Shelby No Republican - Alabama
Thom Tillis No Republican - North Carolina
Roy Blunt No Republican - Missouri