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Congressman Nancy Mace from South Carolina

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Congressman Nancy  Mace
Next Election: 2022
Nancy Mace
South Carolina
District: 1

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Oct 12 2021

Voted No On Agreeing to the Resolution on HRES716

Providing for consideration of H.R. 2119, the Family Violence and Services Improvement Act; H.R. 3110, PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act; H.R. 3992, POJA Act of 2021; relating to consideration of ...

Oct 12 2021

Voted Yes On Motion to Adjourn on ADJOURN

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Campaign Finance Summary:

Contributions: $5,873,154
Individual $5,321,656
PAC & SuperPac $322,626
Disbursements: $5,813,666
Individual Refunds $105,503
Committee Refunds $200
Debts Owed $12,124
Cash on Hand $59,487

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Recently Sponsored Bills:

hr5021 - Aug 13 2021

To require States and local jurisdictions that institute vaccine passports to require voter identification in Federal elections.

House Committee on House Administration


hr3418 - May 20 2021

To permit leasing of available Federal real property to expand in-person education during COVID-19 public health emergency.

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee


hr2736 - Apr 21 2021

To amend the Social Security Act to prohibit State and local governments from obligating any coronavirus relief funds provided by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 until all coronavirus relief funds made available by the CARES Act are obligated, and for other purposes.

House Oversight and Reform Committee


hr2326 - Apr 1 2021

To direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to conduct a communications and outreach campaign to educate veterans about cyber risks, and for other purposes.

House Veterans' Affairs Committee


hr1509 - Mar 2 2021

To repeal portions of a regulation issued by the State Superintendent of Education of the District of Columbia that require child care workers to have a degree, a certificate, or a minimum number of credit hours from an institution of higher education.

House Oversight and Reform Committee