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2018 Candidates for US House of Representatives Elections in U.S. Virgin Islands


Democratic Incumbent

U.S. Virgin Islands

District 0

fec.gov data : H2VI00082

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Total Receipts $359,928
Individual Contributions $146,963
Contributions from Political Committees, PAC & SuperPac $211,832
Transfers From Authorized Committees $0
Contributions from Democratic Committees $0
Contributions from Candidate $0
Loans from Candidate $0
Other Loans $0
Total Dispursements $357,041
Loan Repayments to Candidate $0
Other Loan Repayments $0
Transfers To Authorized Committees $0
Refunds to Individuals $0
Refunds to Committees $0
Coverage End Date Dec 31 2018
Beginning Cash on Hand $24,407
Current Cash on Hand $27,294
Debts owed by Candidate $24,733